I originally came here from a friend’s recommendation for my 335xi and I must say that I’ve been impressed with the service I’ve received so far. Cliff takes the time to answer any questions you may have and has also helped me diagnose issues over the phone. He’s always been friendly, informative, and quick (1 to 2 day turnaround) while providing top notch quality service.

They are much cheaper than going to the dealership, while using the same OEM parts. They’re usually pretty busy so it’s best to call ahead to see what their availability is and to make an appointment. What I have had done here so far is an inspection, oil change, full brake job, alignment, side mirror motor, and walnut shell cleaning and I’ve been happy with everything so far! They’re also in a convenient location only a block away from the 16th and Mission BART station. I’ll definitely be coming here again for all my future BMW service.

Honie L.
San Francisco, CA

Clifford is awesome, fair and patient. Now that my car is getting a bit “mature”, I’m so glad to have found a BMW mechanic I trust.

Eileen b.
San Francisco, CA

Cliff and the guys at Bay Motor Works are the best BMW mechanics in The Bay, hands down.

Cliff knows my 1999 BMW 323i front to back, maybe more than I would like to admit :) These cars have expensive parts, and Cliff only uses OE Spec parts, you’re not getting some cheap knockoff version here! (if you want to bring your own parts, and save some, Cliff will install them for you – no guarantee the part works/fits perfectly though!)

They are not exclusively BMW either, I usually see a lot of other cars – Japanese, European, American, etc. If it has 4 wheels and an engine, Cliff will make it run like new!

TEAM! Very courteous, efficient, and a pleasure to converse with, cars or otherwise
PRICE! I bet you save a lot of money by coming to Cliff, I know I did
LOCATION! Downtown, walk ONE BLOCK to the Civic Center Station.

Only downfall is that the garage is hidden underneath a parking garage off of Mission, so if it is your first time going there, chances are you will drive right by, like I did ;)

Thanks for everything Bay Motor Works, you guys really are the best around!

Bradley & Becca
San Francisco, CA

Check engine light was on in my 98 BMW. Another place had looked at it and gave me a quote for $800 to fix the problem. I wanted a second opinion so I called Bay Motor Works. Brought the car in, they called a few hours later and told me the fix would be $182 and they could have it done in a few hours.
These guys are honest, efficient, and patient. They helped me understand the problem and get it taken care of in a very timely manner.
Thank you Bay Motor Works for saving me time and $$$!!!

Natalie F.
San Francisco, CA

If you want hassle-free and quality service for your BMW, Bay Motor Works is your first choice.

I needed some service done for my BMW, brought my car to Peter Pan in Burlingame for an estimate and not only did they quoted me a ridiculous price for the work, the technician to whom I was assigned had a terrible attitude.

After some research I decided to give Bay Motor a try. After quick scheduling, I brought my car in to Clifford. He quoted me for a much more reasonable price. He was friendly, efficient and obviously very knowledgeable about his field. After a couple hours my car was ready to go. They even washed my car for me. Quality of service at its best!

Janelle W.
San Francisco, CA

Thank goodness for Cliff and Bay Motor Works! Upon arriving at our hotel in San Francisco from Los Angeles, my BMW X3 overheated and was leaking coolant. It was a Friday afternoon and we needed to have the car fixed right away so we could drive home on Sunday. I called the local BMW dealership, but they said they couldn’t even look at my car until the following Tuesday!

I found Bay Motor Works on Yelp and called Cliff. He agreed to look at the car that afternoon. The coolant reservoir and hose were totally busted but Cliff said he would fix it for us right away and, sure enough, it was ready by 12 noon the following day.

Not only was Cliff kind enough to expedite the repair and help us out of our jam, but he delivered what he said he would for a fair price that was true to the original estimate. I just wish Cliff was in LA so he could always service my car!

Dave H.
Burbank, CA

I am really grateful for finding these guys. Not only do they do good work @ reasonable price, they are honest which goes a long way in mechanic business.

What drove me to write a 5-star review is how they went above and beyond for me recently— my warranty company tried to refuse to replace my fuel injectors, and the guy here contested it for me and sent them documentation from BMW bulletins explaining why it had to be done, and he got it approved. Saved me thousands and thousands of dollars!

These are my new guys for all BMW servicing/repair needs

James M.
San Francisco, CA

Oil change today for my Mini Cooper.

Came to this clean place. Good and quick service. Free coffee and arcade while waiting. Strongly recommend Bay Motor Works.

I would come back for sure. Thanks Clifford

Jen C.
San Mateo, CA

My Mini was due for a brake fluid flush but recently out of its no-cost maintenance period so I called a few places for quotes, including the Mini service centers in SF and Sacramento. Bay Motor Works came out significantly cheaper, and scheduling an appointment was a breeze– got an appointment within a day or two. When I took my car in, I was given the heads up that the procedure would take 45 minutes, so I sat in the waiting area sipping complimentary tea and chatting with some of the staff (very friendly!) to kill time. Exactly 45 minutes later, my car was ready and I was out of there. Taking your car in for service is never fun, but I imagine this is as painless as it gets.

Kristina C.
San Francisco, CA

Reasonable prices and quick turnaround.

I’ve had a full brake job done here and had my crank pulley replaced along with multiple other pulleys and serpentine belt. They allowed me to bring in my own parts to save some money which is nice.

I’ve had no issues with any of the work that’s been done.

I got all the work I’m having done quoted by multiple mechanics and each time these guys were the best price. I’d recommend them to anyone with a Mini or bimmer.

Jake B.
San Francisco, CA